Michael Mondavi

Founder, Coach

Rob Michael Mondavi Jr

Founder and President of Winemaking

Dina Mondavi

Founder and Director

Paolo Battegazzore

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Tony Coltrin

Master Winemaker and Partner

Chris Millich

Chief Financial Officer and Partner

Diane Simpson

Vice President of Human Resources and Partner

Brennan Anderson

Vice President of Marketing and Partner

Clint Wilsey

Vice President of Sales


Cara Bertone

Area Sales Manager, Southwest

Chris Brooks

Area Sales Manager, New England

Jamie Conahan

National Accounts Director, On-Premise and Partner

Joanna Cucco

Brand Manager and Partner

Lisa D’Adamo

Area Sales Manager,
Central Mountain

Chloe Dickson

Market Sales Manager, Southern California

Lily Dunson

Area Sales Manager, OH, MI, IN, KY



Drew Flanigan

Regional Sales Director, Southern Region and Partner

Nicky Fox

Regional Sales Director, Western Region

Tanika Freeman

Staff Accountant

Nathan Gilmore

Market Sales Manager, Texas

Jeff Gollaher

National Accounts Manager, On-Premise

Dominic J Guerrieri

Regional Sales Director, Northern Region and Partner

Denise Gunter

Associate Brand Manager and Partner

Irene Habermeier

Brand Director and Partner

Pearl Hale

GL Accountant

Sydnie Hamby

Associate Public Relations Manager

Mark Hill

Direct to Consumer Associate

Kevin Holbert

Area Sales Manager, NJ & PA

Rebecca Hopkins

Vice President, Communications

Jennifer Hornor

Regional Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic Region and Partner

Heather Jeter

Market Sales Manager, WA & OR

Peter Krauter

Apprentice Winemaker

Marci Kravitz

Market Sales Manager, Southern California and Partner

Veronica Lopez

Customer Service Specialist

Sabrina Magno

Market Sales Manager, MA

Kim Malley

Executive Assistant and Partner

Mari Malvino

Executive Assistant to Michael Mondavi and Partner

Susy Martes

Administrative Assistant, Human Resources

Ty Masajo

Customer Service Specialist

Sabrina Massola

Assistant Winemaker

Tiffany Michael

Market Sales Manager, Georgia



Khoi Nguyen

IT Systems Administrator and Partner

Chad Paré

Area Sales Manager, North Central

Olivia Passalacqua

Brand Manager and Partner

Emilie Perrier

Market Sales Manager, Metro New York

Monica Perry

Logistics & Inventory Manager and Partner


Miguel Pla

Market Sales Manager, South Florida and Partner

Olivier Portet

Brand Director

Doris Raney


Micol Ritter

Finance Clerk and Partner

Sara Rose

Administrative Assistant, Sales



Liz Sathe

Area Sales Manager, Atlantic Territory and Partner

Daniele Sbordi

Luxury Account Sales Director and Partner

Brian Scott

Area Sales Manager, New York

Ryan Smith

National Accounts Manager, Off-Premise and Partner

Allison Soon

Area Sales Manager, California

Stephen Squibbs

Market Sales Manager, North Florida

Francesco Superchi

Market Sales Manager, Metro New York

Jenny Talbott

Associate Brand Manager

Brooke Tarkin

Area Sales Manager, Illinois and Partner



Chris Towns

Financial/Business Analyst

Vincent Trapozzano

Regional Sales Director, Northeast Region

Gorge Trejo

Production Manager

Tyler Turigliatto

National Accounts Manager, Off-Premise

Hadley vom Eigen

Area Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic