Spellbound Incantato Prosecco Brut


Spellbound “Incantato” Prosecco Brut is sourced from the Veneto region of Italy, which boasts a rich history. Its roots trace back to the charming hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, where the Glera grape variety thrives in the region's favorable climate and soil conditions. These wines are true to their roots, expressing ripe varietal character with a style that elevates every occasion - from special events to everyday meals around the family table.

Tasting Notes

Upon pouring a glass, you are greeted with the lively and persistent bubbles that characterize Spellbound Prosecco. The wine's pale straw color hints at its refreshing nature. The nose reveals a bouquet of floral and fruity notes, reminiscent of green apple, pear, and white peach. These aromas set the stage for a taste experience marked by a bright acidity, balanced by a touch of sweetness. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of citrus flavors, complemented by a hint of minerality, creating a refreshing and uplifting sensation.

A beloved choice for celebrations or casual gatherings. Effortlessly adapts to a diverse selection of dishes, from seafood to light salads, or sipped on its own as an apéritif.

Varietal: 85% Glera, 15% Merlot/Chardonnay
Alcohol: 11%
Acidity: 5.5 g/L
RS: 10.5 g/L
pH: 3.23

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