Master Winemaker

Tony Coltrin

With over five decades of winemaking expertise, Tony Coltrin stands as a stalwart figure in the world of wine. His journey began amidst the vineyards of St. Helena, where as a child he cultivated both his love for the land and the craft of winemaking. Guided by the wisdom of a cherished mentor, Tony’s path led him to the renowned Robert Mondavi Winery in 1973, igniting a passion that would shape his career for over 31 years.

From humble beginnings of cellar work to the esteemed role of Winemaker, Tony’s tenure at Robert Mondavi Winery was marked by innovation and dedication. When the torch passed, he found a new home alongside Michael and Rob Mondavi at Folio Fine Wine Partners, where he continues to craft exceptional wines for Oberon.

Tony’s winemaking philosophy reflects a deep reverence for both the land and the people behind each bottle. He believes wine to be a profound reflection of soil, climate, and varietals, woven together by the hands and hearts of those who tend to its creation.

Beyond the vineyards and cellars, Tony finds inspiration in his family, and the natural world. With his wife Sandra, a talented artist and pastry chef, and his son Sam, he resides in the picturesque western hills of the Napa Valley. Together, they cherish moments of balance and creativity, finding joy in shared experiences and simple pleasures.

Outside of his winemaking endeavors, Tony embraces his passion for the outdoors with boundless energy. Whether hiking, cycling, fly fishing, or indulging in his love for vintage automobiles and motorcycles, Tony’s zest for life is matched only by his dedication to his craft.

In Tony’s world, each day is an opportunity to savor the beauty of creation, both in the glass and beyond. His philosophy is that “if the grapes are the heart of a wine…. the people are its soul,” and with his loved ones by his side, he continues to craft wines that embody the essence of his remarkable journey and the spirit of the land he calls home.