Dehesa La Granja is the dream of anyone who loves the countryside and is the Fernández Rivera family’s tranquil reverie come to life. The winery forms part of a working farm that is fully integrated into the environment of Zamora, a land it respects deeply, and embodies a true “farm-to-table” lifestyle. Within the 850-hectare farm, 150 hectares of Tempranillo vineyards stretch along the banks of the Guareña River. In addition to its expressive Tempranillo wines, the estate also grows other agricultural crops and raises livestock, producing items such as garbanzos, cured goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Close to the western border of the D.O. Toro, Castilla y León’s region of Zamora provides fruity, fresh and fragrant Tempranillo wines from the very heart of Spain. The estate was chosen for the unique traits that Tempranillo absorbs when grown in this distinctive terroir.

All wines made at Dehesa La Granja are aged extensively. The estate has an impressive 3,000 m2 maze of 18th century tunnels that run under the farm, creating a unique labyrinth of cellars in which the wines repose. The Dehesa 14 is aged for 2 years in barrel, followed by at least 12 years in bottle before being released to the market.