Dominio del Soto is located Sotillo de la Ribera, at the center of the Ribera del Duero in northwestern Spain. This artisanal winery was established in 2005, and presently farms 16 hectares of organically grown vines. The vineyards here are predominantly comprised of Tempranillo, known locally as Tinto Fino or Tinta del País. It is from these vines that Dominio del Soto creates its unique and energetic renditions of Roble and Crianza wines.

Complex and rugged are two characteristics that aptly describe the Ribera del Duero. Although the vineyards extend over 70 miles along both sides of the Duero River, the region often experiences cold, harsh winters, followed by hot, dry summers. Extreme temperature changes, or diurnal shifts as great as 50 degrees encourage ideal ripening conditions for the early-ripening Tempranillo grape variety.

The vineyards at Dominio del Soto are planted on high-terraced vineyard sites at an average altitude of 850-900m above sea level. The soils of the wine region, a combination of deep clay-limestone, marly-limestone interspersed with pockets of sand are predominantly sedimentary in nature. The region’s unique soils and harsh climate enable Tempranillo to yield characterful and intense wines that still display freshness and balance.