Michael Mondavi in wine cellar

Our Founding Story

When we started Folio Fine Wine Partners in 2004, working on folding tables and chairs in our guest house in Napa, I had a vision – that the best wines in the world would come from producers that are family owned and operated. A steadfast belief that in every wine we represented would be the unique essence of the land each family stewards. When the family name is on the bottle, there is passion, heritage, history, provenance, integrity and longevity.

Much like a guild, we wanted to provide our distributors and key trade partners the best of what the world’s premiere wine regions had to offer without compromising on the marketing, sales support, PR and compliance that many small producers could not deliver. An approach that would make us valued partners to our trade customers and ultimately a resource for discerning US wine consumers. Today we are honored to represent winemaking families from Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, and Austria, our business is growing in double digits and we are only just getting started.

At Folio we believe in creating a work environment where creativity is encouraged, leaders are free to express themselves, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable, while celebrating our mutual success and our ongoing support of the community.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in nearly every aspect of the wine business and learned many valuable lessons. But above all, I have always believed that the best way to work, is with people you like, respect, and enjoy spending time with. We strive to make Folio a place where we can all continue to grow, foster and be successful for many years to come.

– Michael Mondavi