Pioneers Among Pioneers: Driven by Love For The Vine

Only a few artisan winemakers existed in the Luberon in 1981,when Jean-Louis Descours, fell in love with this privileged land. It was then that the Descours found both a place of retreat and the Provençal art of living rooted in the terroir. The presence of a few vines scattered among olive trees, cades and yews, drunk with the golden cymbals of the cicadas, called for a grand design: to make a very great red wine.

Two Descours generations, first built a cellar with the help of Jean-Jacques Coll, a classic craftsman and talented oenologist with strong winegrowing convictions. They expanded the plantings until they doubled the existing vineyards of syrah and grenache joined with Rhône whites. Surrounded by Luberon National Park, Château La Verrerie holds at its core unity of place with organic farming at the forefront of the wines they produce. Since 2017, Valentine Tardieu-Vitali has brought a vision of producing red and white wines that are the most accurate representation of the terroir.

Their unwavering commitment to excellence and early adoption of organic principles in every aspect of vineyard management sets them apart as pioneers among pioneers. In an era where craftsmanship and authenticity are increasingly sought after, Château La Verrerie brings forth unique, artisanal wines that champions the Provençal life.