Culture & Values

Values – Our Characteristics

Inspired by Michael Mondavi and his family, we believe in fostering a working environment where leaders are free to express themselves, creativity is encouraged, accountability is expected, and mutual success is a goal shared among ourselves and with our partners.  We are sensitive to the needs of the communities we live in because they are part of our real family philosophy.

Folio Fine Wine Partners is guided by a set of five core values that shape all aspects of our business, These values are critical to our success and guide how we work together, serve our customers, and generally do business. They are listed here:


The employees at Folio Fine Wine Partners are the most important part of our organization. We encourage a Culture where individuals feel valued, their unique contributions are appreciated, and they’re provided with challenge and opportunity to learn and grow.  We appreciate the challenges our working families face and we are sensitive to the needs of the communities we live in.

Innovative Spirit

Folio employees are curious and creative. They will routinely question process or methods to find better, more efficient ways of doing things. They are uncomfortable with the status quo and always wonder “what if . . . “ They will find new, creative ways of accomplishing tasks in a more efficient and effective manner.


The Integrity of a Folio employee would never come in to question. They don’t need to be reminded to consider if something is legal, ethical, and the right thing to do for the business. They will always hold true to their word and never compromise our business or that of our partners and customers. They are leaders who take ownership of their duties and responsibilities, and strive to perform them at exceptional levels. They hold themselves and others accountable for the highest quality work.

Sense of Urgency

Folio employees anticipate and recognize when a task or priority requires a true sense of urgency, and they respond appropriately. They are individuals who display a true passion for their work and for Folio. They are driven to complete tasks, achieve goals, and they are optimistic and don’t give up. A Folio employee is always mindful of deadlines and priorities, and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

Mutual Success

A Folio employee will strive to ensure not only their own success, but also the success of their customers – internal and external. They will consistently give credit appropriately, and have a true desire to see others succeed as much as if not more than themselves.  They are excellent listeners, seeking collaboration to find mutually beneficial outcomes.  They are flexible and open to change and new ideas.  They are always seeking opportunities to learn, grow and develop their own skills and knowledge.