Brand Director and Partner

My passion for wine began nearly 13 years ago when I had the privilege to work as a marketing beverage director for Black Angus Steakhouse. As a buyer, I worked with the major suppliers from wine, spirits and beer. Although each category came with its own set of dynamics, it was wine that most intrigued me for its delicate, complex, yet approachable flavor and texture. After nearly 10 years on the “buyer” side, it was time to cross over to the supplier side to pursue my love for wine even more. I joined Constellation Wines U.S. in 2005 as a brand manager and took on a new understanding of wine marketing, including harvest production. I certainly gained a new perspective of all of the hard work and challenges that go on behind a brand to make it to the retailer and customer.

Working for Folio Fine Wine Partners is an opportunity of a lifetime! With the Michael Mondavi family leadership and wealth of industry experience by all of its employees, I am excited to be a part of a team that is truly passionate, energetic and dedicated to producing and representing beautifully-styled wines.

My husband and I reside in the East Bay and we enjoy hiking, tennis, skiing and rooting for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox (even though I’m a native Californian). I am also passionate about music and typically never leave home without my iPod. My other favorite thing is to be creative and love putting together video montages.