Chief Operating Officer

Born in France, in between the Burgundy region and the Rhone Valley, I have been exposed to Wine and its rich diversity from an early age. After graduating with a Master in Management and a MBA in International Business, I spent a few years at LVMH before moving to Ernst & Young Consulting. I decided over 20 years ago to start working for the Wines & Spirits Industry and never stopped. Throughout my experience, I have been fortunate to work in 6 different countries across 3 continents. From one discovery to another, I have been fascinated by how geographical and cultural environments can develop into regional expertise and specific know-how. The five years I lived in Barbados, for instance, inspired me to write a MA thesis on Caribbean Rums, a captivating topic that I am always happy to discuss with friends.

The passion for Champagne brought me in 2011 to the EPI Group, a Luxury Family-owned Company, where I served as CFO. I happily moved to the US 7 years ago with my lovely wife, charged by EPI to be VP for the Americas. This is how I first met Folio Fine Wine Partners and the Mondavi Family. I feel privileged to have joined the Team in 2021 and will continue through Folio to support “Real Families that make Real Wines”.