Crasto Superior White

Douro DOC, Douro Valley

This wine takes its name from the location of the vineyard from which the grapes come: Douro Superior (Upper Douro). The grapes used to make this wine come from our property Quinta da Cabreira where we have 114 hectares of recently planted vines.  

Tasting Notes

Lemon in colour, with light golden hues. Expressive on the nose, with citrus aromas, delicate floral notes and a crispy minerality. The palate starts out fresh, evolving into a finely textured wine that reveals excellent volume, citrus fruit flavours and pleasant mineral sensations. This is an elegant wine, with a lingering finish and a natural acidity that will allow it to evolve positively in the bottle. 60% Viosinho; 40% Verdelho

The 2017 harvest will go down in the as the earliest ever at Quinta do Crasto. An unusually warm and dry winter meant that the vines’ growth cycle began earlier than normal. Low rainfall continued throughout the cycle leading to moderate water stress and the vines had to naturally adapt to these adverse weather conditions. Harvest began on 8 August, with the Viosinho grapes that would go into the Crasto White Wine 2017 blend. This was an important decision since it allowed us the desired levels of freshness and natural acidity. On balance, we can say that 2017 was a year of lower yields, with fewer bunches of smaller grapes, but that had excellent concentration and an optimal skin to pulp ratio. This was a challenging year for the viticulture and winemaking teams. We had to perfectly time the harvest to ensure maximum quality. 2017 will certainly go down in history as a year of exceptional wines.

The grapes, coming from the Douro Superior sub-region, are taken to the winery in plastic boxes and rigorously inspected on arrival. The grapes are then destemmed and pressed. The must is transferred to stainless steel tanks where it remained for 48 hours at 8ºC for decanting. The alcoholic fermentation begins in stainless steel tanks and the wine is then transferred to French oak barrels where fermentation continues for 45 days at 14ºC. Ageing: 6 months in French oak barrels. Barrels are stored in a rack system with rollers which enables barrels to be rotated to stir the fine lees without the introduction of oxygen. New barrels: 50% / Used barrels: 50%. French oak barrels: 85% | French oak barrels with acacia heads: 15%.

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