World-Class Sparkling Wines From the Heart of Sonoma County

Piper Sonoma was founded in 1980 by the Marquis d’Aulan, whose family ties to Champagne has spanned generations.  His vision was to create world-class sparkling wines in the New World, using traditional Old-World winemaking techniques.
Nearly forty years later, Piper Sonoma continues to realize that vision under the guidance of long-time sparkling winemaker Keith Hock.  Working closely with growers in the vineyard, utilizing site specificity and small lot fermentations, Piper Sonoma handcrafts elegant and balanced wines that emphasize the varietal characteristics of the grapes as well as their individual growing sites.
Sourcing only from environmentally conscious Sonoma County grape growers who use sustainable farming practices, Piper Sonoma ensures conservation and stewardship of the land.  With its maritime climate, Sonoma County is blessed with a long growing season, consisting of sunny days, cool evenings and minimal rain which is ideal for ripening grapes and preserving their acidity and balance.
Piper Sonoma handcrafts their sparkling wines from the classic varietals Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, by Méthode Champenoise, the same technique used to craft the best Champagnes.  Each vineyard lot is hand-harvested, fermented and aged separately, which allows each wine’s unique characteristics to shine during the assemblage of the blends.  Primary fermentation takes place in tanks and barrels and then each cuvée is tirage bottled where it undergoes a second fermentation.  After close to two years of aging en tirage, riddling and disgorging follow, with aged reserve wines used for the dosage to add complexity.  The resulting wines are dry and smooth with a rich, creamy texture and can be enjoyed upon release or cellared for ten years or more.