Château La Verrerie Hautes Collines Viognier

IGP Vaucluse, Rhône

Tasting Notes

Bright and crystal clear pale yellow with green highlights. Instantly expressive nose - enticing floral notes with hints of honeysuckle, mango, and exotic aromas. The mouth is round, enveloping, and perfectly structured. The elegant floral and exotic notes continue on the palate and the wine’s long finish produces a smooth well-rounded mouthfeel.

Sea bream tartare seasoned with passion fruit juice. Cheese soufflé. Veggie idea: pea velouté with lemon and slivered almonds

After a cold and very dry winter, with several days of frost, the bud break was in the first half of April. Beginning in May, temperatures were above seasonal norms and rainfall was historically low. In June, temperatures reached 40 ° C in the shade, marking the beginning of a heat wave that then lasted until September.

A heat wave and severe drought lead us to tend to the vineyard more than ever to help it withstand the extreme conditions: yarrow and valerian herbal tea, braiding the vine to avoid pruning, and mechanical and manual work done preferably in early morning so as not to stress the vine. The vineyard’s resilience surprised us all. The grape juices are very aromatic for reds picked in full phenolic ripeness. The aromatic profiles are fresh and the palates are very smooth.

Mechanical harvesting, partially at night. Manual sorting upon arrival. Crushing, draining of the juices, and direct pressing. Fermentation at 14°C for 20 to 25 days.

100% Viognier

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