Château La Verrerie Hautes Collines Blanc

Mediterranean PGI, Rhône

Tasting Notes

The wine is a clear and crystal-like pale gold color with silver reflections. The initial scent is quite expressive and evokes floral notes and white fruit. As it opens up, ripe and juicy yellow fruit notes blend with delicate touches of sweet spices. The first taste gives a sensation of refreshing minerality, complemented by a pleasing round texture. The wine asserts itself with elegance and refinement in a lovely length of fresh and citrusy aromas.

Grilled squid with cilantro and lime. Pan-seared veal medallions with turmeric-infused jus and sautéed baby potatoes. Vegetarian sushi with avocado and cucumber. Grilled toast with hummus.

After a cold and very dry winter, with many days of frost, bud break took place during the first half of April. Beginning in May, temperatures were above seasonal norms with historically low rainfall. In June, temperatures approached 104 °F in the shade, marking the beginning of a heat wave that lasted until September. Severe heat and drought lead us to tend to the vine more than ever to help it withstand the extreme conditions: yarrow and valerian infusions, braiding the vine to avoid topping, and mechanical and manual work preferably early in the morning so as not to stress the vine. The vineyard’s resilience surprised us all, the juices are very aromatic, for the reds picked in full phenolic ripeness. Despite everything, the aromatic profiles are fresh, and the palates are exceptionally smooth.

Harvested at night by machine. Manual sorting upon reception. Treading. Crushing then draining the juices and pressing on a gentle program. Varietal fermentation at 60°F for 20 to 25 days. Partial fermentation in large oak casks. 4 months of aging on fine lees in oak casks and stainless-steel tanks.

58% Bourboulenc
26% Vermentino
14% Clairette
2% Grenache Blanc

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