Aigua de Llum de Vall Llach

DOQ Priorat

From its inception, Celler Vall Llach has been governed by a rigid adherence to two guiding principles: rigor and quality. The winery was founded in 1992 by the famous Catalan singer Lluís Llach and his childhood friend, notary Enric Costa. Today Enric’s son, Albert Costa, serves as the winery’s principal winemaker and managing partner. Located in Porrera, one of the twelve villages that form the Qualified Designation of Origin (D.O.Q.) Priorat, about an hour and half southwest of Barcelona, this winery seamlessly fuses history and innovation, resulting in high quality wines that are appreciated the world over.

The 2016 vintage in Priorat was considered to be exceptional due to the lack of rain, beautifully moderate temperatures and the presence of dry air during key moments of the cycle of the vine. The year was marked by a dry winter, a rainy early spring and a rather cool and dry summer/early fall. While temperatures began to rise a few weeks following verasion, which accelerated the concentration of grape sugars, the heightened maturation was slowed down during the month of October, when moderate rains favored a slower and more balanced end of maturity. Harvest was delayed a full 3-8 days later than usual, ending on the 4th of November, with perfectly healthy and non-desiccated clusters. Overall it can be said that the 2016 vintage in Priorat exhibited an excellent extended maturation, which winemaker Albert Costa said gave rise to ‘mature, structured wines that are concentrated and elegant and with good acidity…characteristics that are all ideal for long bottle aging.’

First released when the winery celebrated its 10-year anniversary, the wine’s name Aigua de Llum (meaning “water from light”) is an excerpt from the poem written by the famous Catalan poet Miquel Martí i Pol entitled “Solstici”. A wine lovingly dedicated to this incredibly intimate and talented poet, Aigua de Llum is produced in extremely limited quantities and only in the vintages the winery deems exceptional. Upon entry into the winery: Grapes are manually de-stemmed and a pre-fermentative maceration takes place for 36 hours under controlled temperature conditions. Vinification: 50% of the fruit is fermented in 300 liter oak barrels; the rest is fermented in small, stainless steel tanks. Fermentation takes place between 12 and 15 ºC, over 25-60 days with a daily stirring of the lees. Aging: After fermentation the wine is aged in 225 and 300 liter French oak barrels for a total of four months. Bottling: May 2017

100% Viognier 4.9 g/l (0.49%) total acidity 3.30 pH 14.0% alcohol by volume

THE SINGLE VINEYARD Vineyard name: Mas del Porrerà Elevation: 1,700 feet Slope: 70% Size: 1.61 acres Number of vines planted: 2,000 Production per vine: 800 grams Vineyard planted: 1998

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2016 Aigua de Llum de Vall Llach – Bottle

2016 Aigua de Llum de Vall Llach – Label

2016 Aigua de Llum de Vall Llach – Tasting Notes