A Wine of Infinite Freshness, Timeless Elegance, and Rare Class

Napa, CA (Tuesday June 8, 2021) Rare Champagne, a wine of true exception, today unveils its Rare Millésime 2008 to wine lovers around the world. Rare Champagne has declared only twelve  exceptional vintages of Rare Brut and Rosé Millésime since its inception in 1976: Rare Millésime 1976, 1979, 1985, 1988, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2008, and Rosé Millésime  2007 and 2008.

Each vintage is nothing less than a work of art. Even more so, each vintage is a labor of love for  Cellar Master, Régis Camus and the Rare Millésime 2008 embodies the harmony between Régis  Camus’s state of mind and the gifts offered by nature.

Of the new release, Régis stated:

“For me, Rare Millésime 2008 embodies the infinite, with its unlimited, rich, constantly present  youth and freshness. These sensations intertwine on the palate in a constant cycle of flavors, each  more precise and harmonious than the one before. While already a pleasure to drink, this vintage  has now acquired an exceptional complexity and mineral character, punctuated with exotic spices  notes that promise infinite longevity.”

While most Champagne houses released their 2008 vintage Tête de Cuvée Brut Champagne in  2018, Régis did not, tasting and reviewing the wine in the cellar until his “labor of love” was ready  to be released to wine lovers around the world in 2021.

The 2008 growing year was cold. bestowing an intense, taut minerality upon the Chardonnay  grapes, along with remarkable freshness and unparalleled longevity. Following a cool dry autumn  and a rather mild winter, notwithstanding cold temperatures in February, weather conditions turned  inclement towards the middle of April. A sudden cold snap in the midst of June struck the vineyard  in mid-flower.

Fortunately, July and August fostered a harmonious maturation and following an ominous, extremely rainy period, dry cool weather coincided with a perfectly mature harvest in  the first two weeks of September. Indisputably, this year was a combination of all the factors  needed to reveal a truly great Rare Champagne vintage.

The Rare Champagne elegant black bottle symbolizes the boldness of the dominant Pinot Noir  and the gold label represents the freshness of Chardonnay. Each bottle is adorned by a tiara, historically designed by Arthus Bertrand, and showcases a vine prevailing over the whims of weather. Simply  exceptional!

The Rare Millésime 2008 is imported nationally by Folio Fine Wine Partners, and available from  fine wine retailers for $210 per bottle.

For media inquiries and further details, please contact Rebecca Hopkins. High-resolution press  photos available here: RARE Champagne Brut 2008 Bottle Shot and RARE Champagne Brut 2008  Beauty Shot