Our Position on Racial Equality

Our Position on Racial Equality


Thursday June 18, 2020

The events over the last month have brought to light again the systemic racial inequality that continues to perpetuate in our community. We take the position that racism of any kind, implicit or explicit has no place in our family, our company, or our community. Together we must commit to finding more ways for each and every person to be treated with respect, and dignity.

We stand in solidarity alongside our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color community, and together will raise our voices to drive positive change, both in our company, and in our society.

Folio Fine Wine Partners was founded on, and is guided by, a set of core values that shapes all aspects of our business and we hold ourselves, and others, accountable for the highest standard of ethics. We continue to encourage an inclusive, diverse and respectful workplace, where our employees, customers and community feel heard, respected, and valued.

Our Company policy on Equal Employment and Opportunity has been part of the foundation of Folio since Day 1. We will continue to support the progress toward the elimination of prejudice, ensuring that we are continually reviewing our own company policies and finding ways to participate in progressive and meaningful ways that align with our values.


Yours sincerely,

Michael, Rob and Dina Mondavi                                      Paolo Battegazzore

Co-Founders                                                                      Chief Executive Officer