Historic Burgundy Maison unveils its new wine tourism destination

Monday May 6th, 2019, Beaune, FR – Maison Champy, the oldest winery in Burgundy, proudly unveils its ambitious wine tourism project, that aims to highlight the terroir of Burgundy and Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines.

Maison Champy is the last winery to vinify, age and bottle its wines within the old town of Beaune, and among the diverse range of wine tours on offer in Burgundy, the Maison Champy’s visit offers a unique insight into the winemaking, history, and culture of winemaking in Beaune.

This unique location is situated at 5 rue du Grenier à Sel, next to the Maison Champy boutique, located at 12 place de la Halle, opposite the Hospices.

Here, visitors are able to discover the secrets of wine making, and understand the cultural, and historical context of this historic art, within the oldest winery in Burgundy and at the heart of the capital of Burgundian wine tradition.

Located among the “Climats des vins de Bourgogne” – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015 –Maison Champy aims to be a decisive player in the promotion of the region’s treasures, bringing the territory to life and enhancing its reputation.

The Maison Champy site, listed as a Historical Monument since 15 September 2010, is at the heart of the project and visitors can explore five unique spaces at the Maison:

  1. The Welcome Area where visitors can see wines being vinified. This space pays tribute to the illustrious figures who have left their prints in the winery’s three centuries of history: Edme Champy, its founder; Louis Pasteur, who carried out five years of research at Maison Champy; and Gustave Eiffel, who influenced the architecture of the listed building.
  2. History Area 1, from 1720 to the 19th century, via the French Revolution. Here visitors can discover archives of the development of Burgundy and Maison Champy in parallel during this period, highlighting the winery’s ties with the city of Beaune.
  3. History Area 2, showcasing international development through World Exhibitions.
  4. History Area 3, displaying the winery’s unique winemaking and craftsmanship know-how.
  5. A modular tasting area to host seminars and events.

Furthermore, the tour offers the unique opportunity to further understand the Maison’s historical significance. This includes an introductory journey woven through the 15th Century cellars of the convent of the Jacobines de Beaune, and the opportunity to visit the cellars’ unique architectural structure, including the Eiffel-style columns from the end of the 19th century, which extend to the top floor.

Two Wine Tourism Packages are Available:

  1. A short format, lasting 90 minutes, will include the discovery of the 15th-century cellars followed by a tasting. Prices range from €25 to €55 depending on wines chosen for tasting.
  2. A standard format lasting 2h30 and will include a detailed presentation on the five landscaped areas of the historical site, followed by a visit to the cellars and a tasting.
    Prices range from €40 to €70 depending on the choice of tasting.

Additional services on offer include a tour of the vines by car or electric bicycle for €90, and private dining opportunities catering for 6 to 80 people at the Maison. Price on application.

The ambitious project was managed by 331 Corniche Architects and the Bâtisseurs de Mémoire – an agency specializing in consulting, museography and history.


About Maison Champy

As a vine grower and craftsman, Maison Champy is located in the heart of Beaune, the capital of the Burgundian wine region. Champy is the oldest wine company in Burgundy with its buildings inspired by the Eiffel school of architecture, listed by the historical monuments of Beaune, with the cellars of the Bell from the XVth century which belonged to the Jacobin convent. Today the wine grower and craftsman expertise is revealed in the 21 ha owned on the Côte de Beaune, in particular in Pernand-Vergelesses.


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