Colore Collezione Verticale

We are excited about releasing Colore Collezione Verticale, a special and very limited offering from the Bibi Graetz estate that is unique to the United States and commemorates their 20th vintage.   When looking back over the years since Bibi released his first wine in 2000, he wanted to offer a special set of wines that for him captured the essence of his winery’s top wine: Colore.

The goal of Colore is always to faithfully reflect the characteristics of the vintage with absolute precision, delivering different nuances and reflecting the main characteristics of the growing season. Bibi states, “It was after much reflection that I decided on a trio of vintages that, for me, captured different interpretations of our terroirs that ultimately go into the final blend of Colore: 2012, 2015, and 2016.”

We hope you enjoy this exclusive offering and more importantly, the wines!

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