Brand Manager

Sofia Rodriguez Mendez Nunez, Brand ManagerSofia Mendez-Nuñez is a Spanish-American professional with a deep-rooted connection to the world of wine. Born in Spain and raised in a family immersed in winemaking, Sofia’s journey has been shaped by her passion for the industry.

Sofia pursued her academic interests by studying Wine & Viticulture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Eager to gain practical experience, she ventured into vineyards, cellars, and laboratories, working for wineries across the Central Coast, Priorat (Spain), and Napa. Notably, Sofia had the privilege of participating in the 2017 harvest in Priorat, Spain, working side by side with the renowned Alvaro Palacios.

With a strong foundation in the industry, Sofia transitioned to a role in Trade and Brand Marketing at Raventos Codorniu North America. There, she showcased her exceptional skills in managing marketing strategies, media relations, and communications for a diverse portfolio of luxury imported and domestic wine brands. Fluent in Spanish and adept at social media management, Sofia brings a comprehensive skill set to our team.

Beyond her expertise in the wine industry, Sofia leads a dynamic life. She is an avid runner and yoga practitioner, talented photographer, and a passionate enthusiast of music and the arts. During her free time, Sofia enjoys attending live concerts with friends and cherishing playful moments with her beloved dog, Lucy.