National Accounts Manager, On-Premise

I love this industry.  I love the people, the passion, the journey and most of all, I love the great experiences we share along the way.

I first discovered this passion while working as a research assistant in a prominent Walnut Creek law firm. I vividly remember the passion with which the Senior Partners would discuss, wineries, vintages and winemakers and thinking, “any industry that inspires such passion is worth exploring.”

And explore I did. First working in the restaurant industry while attending college in San Diego. Later exploring local food and wine cultures while working in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix before ultimately settling in San Diego as a Wine Director for an award winning Italian restaurant. 1999 brought further opportunities to explore as I embarked on a new journey with Young’s Market Company, an adventure spanning 18 years as an Estates Group Rep, a YMCo Wine Specialist, a National Account Manager and ultimately as a Vice President on the National Accounts Team.

This amazing path lead me to join the Folio Fine Wine Partners’ family in 2018 where I look forward to blazing new trails and sharing this amazing portfolio of wines with the many friends I’ll meet along the way.