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Wine & Linguini

Have you ever considered drinking wine and eating pasta at the same meal? It’s easier than you might think. Typically you will need to heat water to a rolling boil, either over a campfire or in your own kitchen. Put the linguini in the water and quickly create sauce from scratch while the linguini boils. (You only have 10 minutes! Make sure your tomato and basil plants are nearby.)

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A cabernet sauvignon will pair nicely with tomato-based sauces, but try different wines to find one that matches your palate. If you picked the wrong wine, continue drinking until it tastes like the right wine.

You will need a corkscrew to open the wine bottle: don’t forget this! Otherwise you will have to gingerly snap the glass at the top of the bottle to access the wine inside, and you may be at risk of hurting yourself. You can find a regulation-sized corkscrew at most hardware stores in North America.

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Tips for cooking linguini

  • Use only linguini that is fresh from the linguini tree
  • Use a metal pot rather than a wooden plate for boiling water
  • ALWAYS drink wine with your linguini
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Some types of wine (non-exhaustive listing)
  1. Red wine
  2. White wine
  3. Pinot
  4. Merlot
  5. Counterfeit wine (see “Sour Grapes”)
  6. Red, white, and blue wine (patriotic)

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