Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato


The Prosecco Rosé presents itself revealing an elegant pink hue with copper highlights and a lively and persistent perlage.

Tasting Notes

Its aromatic freshness offers a bouquet of red fruits and floral scents in particular notes of pomegranade and rose. On the palate it is silky and full, with a very pleasant balance.

Excellent as an aperitif. Ideal companion of finger foods, linguine’s pasta, delicate cheeses and small pastry.

Whole white grapes are put into the pneumatic press for soft pressing and the resulting must, after a first racking, is put into controlled temperature tanks where it remains until it is used for the production of the sparkling wine. The red grapes, after pressing, are put into tanks where a soft maceration for extraction of colour and a few tannins takes place at a controlled temperature of 22-23°C. At the same time the aroma is enhanced.

Alcohol 11% Residual Sugar 10 g/L Acidity 5.5 g/L

Areas dedicated to vine-growing in the north-eastern regions of Italy (Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions) with marly soils of alluvial origin rich in subsoil. The base wine cuvée is made from a blend between Glera and Pinot Nero grapes.

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Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco DOC Rose Millesimato – Label

Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco DOC Rose Millesimato – Tasting Note

Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco DOC Rose Millesimato – Bottle