Sales & Marketing Analyst

Vanessa Ochoa-Llamas, Sales & Marketing Analyst   Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and having grown up in the Napa Valley, my vision of what the wine industry entailed was narrow in scope, built upon watching my parents work long and backbreaking hours in the vineyards. It was not until I began to see the breadth of the business that I imagined building a career and a life in the wine industry. I began to understand how complex wine production and marketing is and the important role played by analytics.

At the age of 18, working as a reservationist at The French Laundry, I was reading through the wine list. I came across a wine with a $4,000 price tag and it dawned on me that if someone would spend this much for one bottle of Chateau Petrus, I wanted to learn how you could sell it for that much. I embarked on my quest to find out, enrolling at Sonoma State University and graduating with a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Wine Business Strategies.

Equipped with my newfound knowledge and a two-year career at one of the best restaurants in the world, I made it my goal to learn everything about the wine industry. An internship at the former COPIA Center for Wine, Food and the Arts gave me a profound exposure to wines from all over the world. I have worked in tasting rooms, sharing my passion for wine with guests from all backgrounds. As the wine club manager at Darioush winery, I was responsible for millions of dollars in shipments. I was a part of the team that launched Naked Wines, a multinational tech company in the US, which sold wine directly to consumers. I was part of a The Prisoner Wine Company team that spearheaded the high growth phase of a brand that was eventually acquired for $285 million.

As part of my education in wholesale analytics, I was entrusted with reporting for family-owned Jordan winery. With no previous wholesale experience, I mastered the art of reporting in less than three months.

Looking to further challenge myself, I joined Scribe winery as the sales operations manager where I had the opportunity to streamline operations and reporting for the company.

My wife Cait and I live in Napa. I enjoy making latte’s every morning, going on walks and adventures with our dog Chata, crushing it on the Peloton leaderboard, and lots of Sparkling wine.

As Folio continues to expand their reach with an incredible portfolio, I’m excited to be able to contribute my passion for sales analytics and love of wine with an amazing team!