Executive Assistant to Rob Mondavi, Jr.

My career in the wine industry began after spending 9 years in the insurance industry and wanting a career change to something that I had a passion for and loved. Giving it some thought, over a nice dinner and bottle of wine, it hit me. I loved food and wine! From that moment, I decided to enroll in the Wine Marketing and Sales program at the Napa Valley College. I learned about viticulture, wine making and was also able to taste amazing wines from all over the world.

After my first semester, I had a whole new appreciation and love for wine and the industry. Seeing the dedication and passion that is put into every aspect, from start to finish, is truly amazing. I feel very lucky to be apart of such a beautiful industry where everyone shares the same passion. I am very excited about this new path and to start my career with Folio and the Mondavi Family makes it that much more exciting!

In my free time, and when I am not drinking wine, I enjoy reading, working out and pushing myself to accomplish things I never thought I could, and spending time with my 3 children.