Area Sales Manager, WA & OR

Originally from southern California I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington and never returned. The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful I fell in love, but I’m happy to call both “Home”.

My professional journey has been diverse, but I always knew my ultimate goal was to work in the wine industry. Working in restaurants during and after college sparked my passion and that thirst only intensified throughout the years.

Out of college I was an Advertising Account Executive but realized after some time that my true calling was sales. I love getting out in the field, interacting with fascinating people and embracing each day as a new challenge. I spent 5 years honing my sales skills with a large corporation before moving into wine. My first wine sales job was with Cordon Selections, a local Seattle distributor, where I really honed my appreciation for great wine representing beautiful local wines as well as the portfolios of Weyghant Metzler, Becky Wasserman and Louis Dressner. Most recently I was the Sales Director at Cadence Winery, a highly acclaimed boutique winery based in Seattle with vineyards on Red Mountain.

Representing Folio is the perfect next step in my career. In my experience there is a certain magic that comes from family-owned wineries. Having your hands in the day to day operations really translates to the glass.

When I’m not working, I’m usually hanging with my husband Jeff, step-daughter Avarie and dog Roxi Rose. We love to head to our friend’s cabin on the lake, play a little golf, run, ski and of course eat and drink with beloved friends and family.