Financial/Business Analyst

I grew up on a small family farm in Eastern Iowa. I earned my undergrad in Institution Management and Dietetics at Iowa State. In 1991 my husband and I took a vacation to the California Wine Country and we both fell in love with the area. We ended up coming out to wine country several times a year for the wonderful weather, close-to-the-source food, and most importantly, excellent wines. Each time we came to visit, our itinerary would become ever more specific, as we learned more about the wine industry and its leaders. Eventually we planned all of our trips around wine discovery, traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Italy and other wine regions in the US. In 2008 we left the Midwest behind us and moved to Napa. We have seldom been happier.

Growing up on a family farm I am fully aware of the difference in quality that personal involvement brings to the table. I am thrilled to be working with and for family owned operations that maintain that same philosophy of personal care to both their products and the longevity of the brand. Finding an entrepreneurial enterprise with tactical agility and strong esprit de corps is rare. I am excited to become part of the adventure!