Area Sales Manager, North Central

Having been born and raised in Colorado, you never really envision having a career in the wine industry.  It exists in California, France, Italy or Spain, but how could I be a part of that in Colorado?   Well, for me it started years ago with my first restaurant job at a Steakhouse in Denver.  It didn’t happen overnight with one ‘WOW’ wine, but gradually for me.  I gained an affinity for wine, especially for specific producers and their individual philosophies when it comes to winemaking.  That’s when I was hooked.

After 7 years in restaurants/hospitality and having the pleasure of turning people toward wines they might never order on their own, I made the transition out of restaurants and into distribution.   Since 2002 I have worked for two different distributors: BDC Colorado (now Breakthru Beverage) and Pioneer Wine and Spirits of Colorado (formerly Winecru).  After spending 5 years at Breakthru as a sales rep and then moving on to Winecru, first as a sales rep and then as the On-Premise Sales Manager, I have been lucky enough to continue my career now with Folio Fine Wine Partners.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe and see the slate driven soils of the Mosel, the limestone soils of Burgundy, and the sandy, river stone riddled soils of Toro in Spain.  To have the opportunity to see these places and meet the people that make the wine, it transforms the experience of drinking wine.  It’s not just liquid in a bottle, it’s a wine that tells a very personal story; a story made up of aromas and flavors, told about a specific place and time in history.  What could be better?

The fact that I am the personal ambassador for our producers, representing their wines is a blessing.  A job this guy from Denver never could’ve dreamed up.