Vice President of Marketing

Brennan Anderson, Vice President of MarketingI grew up in the Napa Valley and over the years, my relationship with wine has changed from casual interest, to hobby, to passion, and finally, to my career. Every once in a while I have to stop and pinch myself, because it’s a bit surreal earning a living by doing something that I enjoy in my free time as well.

By way of background, I entered the wine industry after a three year stint at an advertising agency in Santa Barbara and a return to business school to obtain my MBA from Wake Forest University. Upon graduating, I decided I wanted to market a product that I was passionate about and with wine at the top of my list, I went to work for Paterno Wines International in Chicago. Several cold winters, but plenty of good pizza later, my wife Lisa and I decided to come back to the California sunshine in Napa Valley, where I joined Folio Fine Wine Partners.

Besides wine, I have a lot of interest in small company start-ups, and working with the talented new team at Folio has been incredibly stimulating and a natural fit. I love the challenges that a young company offers, and I’m always trying to think of exciting new ways to grow our brands.