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At Folio Fine Wine Partners, our core values not only define who we strive to be, we see them as the keys to our success. Our success lies in having a clear picture of the People who will be happy and successful at Folio; continually working to create a Culture where these people can thrive and achieve amazing results; knowing that we can be successful only if our Customers (internal and external) are also successful; and always supporting and respecting the Communities in which we live and work. People are at the heart of each of these values.

People - At Folio, employees with a proven track record of success are considered Stunning Colleagues. We seek to have an organization filled with Stunning Colleagues. These are People who are smart, passionate, professionals possessing a self-motivated drive to solve problems and succeed. Our Stunning Colleagues have an unquestionable level of integrity and are decisive. They are leaders at all levels, with the ability to challenge and inspire others. Their curiosity and optimism allows us to achieve amazing results.

Culture -
Attracting Stunning Colleagues is one thing, retaining them another. Helping them achieve amazing results requires providing a Culture where they can truly excel. The Folio culture can be characterized as entrepreneurial in nature, where we encourage employees to take full ownership and responsibility for their actions, and reward them accordingly. Our Stunning Colleagues work collaboratively as a team, holding one another accountable for results, while demonstrating a genuine respect for one another. We are a team that truly cares about what we do; trusting and trusted relationships are invaluable. Folio Stunning Colleagues also have fun at work, while keeping a close eye on life-work balance.

Customers - We can only be successful if our Customers, internal and external, are also successful. Our Stunning Colleagues understand this and possess a can-do attitude, and consistently deliver the "WOW" for their customers. We understand the importance of flexibility, creativity, and efficiency to be able to exceed expectations and keep things fresh. Internal and external relationships are invaluable; listening to and understanding each customer's needs is critical to our mutual success.

Community - Folio cares about family, Community, and the earth. We strive to ensure our business activities reflect this. We encourage each employee to develop a personal balance between work and family. We actively support our communities with time and resources, and encourage our employees to do the same. At heart, we are farmers, respecting the earth which provides the grapes for our wonderful wines.


Folio Fine Wine Partners is guided by a set of core values that shape all aspects of our business. These five values are critical to our success and guide how we work together, serve our customers, and generally do business.

Curiosity - Stunning Colleagues at Folio are filled with curiosity. They will routinely question process or methods to find better, more efficient ways of doing things. They are uncomfortable with the status quo and always wonder "what if . . . "

Integrity - The Integrity of a true Stunning Colleague at Folio would never come in to question. They don't need to be reminded to consider if something is legal, ethical, and the right thing to do for the business. They will always hold true to their word and never compromise our business or that of our partners and customers.

Accountability -
Individuals who take ownership of their duties and responsibilities, and strive to perform them at exceptional levels, demonstrate another important characteristic of a Folio Stunning Colleague. They will also, in a professional and respectful manner, hold others accountable for the highest quality work.

Mutual Success - A Folio Stunning Colleague will strive to ensure not only their own success, but also the success of their customers – internal and external. They will consistently give credit appropriately, and have a true desire to see others succeed as much as if not more than themselves.

Community Support - Folio Fine Wine Partners truly cares about family, community and the earth which is reflected in how we do business each day. A Folio Stunning Colleague will also actively support their own communities with time and with resources.


At Folio Fine Wine Partners, people are our most valuable asset. We recognize the direct link in the quality of the benefits we provide our people with their level of happiness and success. The more day-to-day life concerns we can address for individuals through our benefits programs, the easier it is for them to succeed — personally and professionally.

In addition to an environment that promotes continual learning and development, and the opportunity to become a Partner in the company, Folio Fine Wine Partners offers a benefits package which includes:

• Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
• Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance
• Life Insurance
• 401(k) Program
• Paid Time Off (PTO) and Medical Paid Time Off
• Other Paid and Unpaid Leave Programs
• Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts
• Employee Wine Discounts
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