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Coppo Wines Reviewed
One Wine Dude, Serious Wine Talk for the not so serious drinker, with Joe Roberts

Weekly Mini Round-Up
June 10, 2013

2011 Coppo La Rocca Gavi
“Warning, objects in bottle are fresher and tastier than they appear. Particularly during Summer.”

“What We Drank With The Greeks (When I Had No Greek Wine)”
October 3, 2013

2008 Coppo “Monteriolo” Chardonnay (Piemonte)
Greek salad and aged Chard.? It worked, because of this wine’s salinity, (remaining) acidic verve and long-ass finish. Otherwise, this is really a Chardonnay for richer fare; honey, white flowers, toast, buts, lemon verbena, and an elegant and smooth approach. A crafty one, not to be trusted (because it goes down so easily that it will knock you on your butt before you know what hit you).

For the main: 2009 Coppo “Pomorosso” Barbera d’Asti (Barbera d’Asti)
A double-shot of the Coppo (and yes, I did have Copacabana stuck in my then-cloudy head for a long time afterward). The sweet oak was still too prominent for my personal tastes, but otherwise this was classic Barbera territory, just dressed up more seriously, like someone in one of those Knights of Columbus uniforms (hat and all). Chewy, tart, vibrant and spicy, it’s kind of a seductive wine. It did a love number on the roast pork we had for dinner, anyway.

Weekly Mini Round-Up
October 7, 2013

2004 Coppo Riserva della Famiglia Barbera d'Asti Superiore Nizza (Barbera d'Asti)
“Bring it sacrifices of meat; and make them robust!”
2006 Coppo Riserva della Famiglia Chardonnay (Piemonte)
“Approaches softly but it's nutty, flinty, creamy & powerful enough to end you.”
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