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GENERAL INFORMATION: Attems Sauvignon Blanc boasts a quite distinctive, very complex bouquet. In colour it appears a straw yellow, typically with greenish highlights. Its palate exhibits crisp, tangy acidity and full flavors.

2013 VINTAGE REPORT:  After a cold, snow-filled winter, spring brought slightly lower temperatures than usual for the area. The even rainfall made possible a gradual and uniform budbreak. Temperatures held to the average beginning in mid-June, and the vines progressed normally through their growth stages. The berries reached their final size at the end of July, without any excessive heat spells, then August ushered in the expected day-night temperature differentials, so essential for the natural accumulation of aromatic compounds that are fundamental for our high-quality white wines. All the various grape varieties were harvested and fermented in the cellar, with the most meticulous attention being paid to each of the wine lines.

TASTING: The wine appears a luminous, green-edged golden yellow. Elegantly subtle notes of green pepper, tomato leaf, and sage initially emerge on the nose, followed by impressions of ripe pear and melon. The crisp, beautifully-balanced palate is marked by crisp, fragrant fruit. A long-lingering finish completes this compellingly rich Sauvignon Blanc.
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