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Quorum is a philanthropic  joint venture from five of Asti's GREAT Barbera producers, Braida, Chiarlo, Coppo, Prunotto, and Vietti and its leading grappa producer, Berta.   Together, their  aim is to produce a truly unique Barbera d'Asti and give 100% of the profits back to the community. Through their collective love and appreciation for Asti terroir, the Barbera grape, and a thirst to further their knowledge and education—this truly remarkable wine came to be.
To give Quorum a star quality, each wine producer donated one hectare from their top producing single vineyard estates to the Quorum project. Then it was decided to only release Quorum in outstanding years when the quality was deemed to be truly exceptional. To avoid a 'too many chefs' situation, they agreed to designate a winemaker outside HASTAE every four years.  As an added twist, the winemaker must come from a region other then Piemonte and have no previous experience working with the Barbera grape.  The consortium believed that the best winemaker was the one hungry to learn and a winemaker from outside the area would bring fresh ideas and perspective to the Barbera wine.  Renown enologist Riccardo Cotarella has made the wine through the 2003 vintage, and looking to the future, Vittorio Fiore will take over the winemaking starting with the 2004 vintage.
Quorum has been called "second to none" by Robert Parker and received international acclaim. It is more than a wine—it's a true symbol of the entire Piemonte region and the best Barbera that Asti has to offer.
Inside Quorum
Colour: Ruby red with brilliant highlights, Aroma: Full, very elegant and fresh with red fruits notes, mint and liquorice, ...
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