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Johannisberger Klaus Auslese
The grapes of this exceptional elegant wine originate from the vineyard Johannisberger Klaus. This southward sited vineyard consists of deep limestone and loessic soil with a gritty structure. The soils' moisture is mainly influenced by ground water, along with warm soil temperatures, which increases the grapes prosperity. The results are extraordinary fine and fruity wines. They are quite substantial and reveal their fine notes approximately after two to three years.

The wine harvest took place at the beginning of October. In order to receive the freshest fruit for the wine an intensive selection was needed. The grapes were then carefully pressed in the cellar of the estate. The fermentation in cooled high-grade steel tanks underlines again the freshness and the fruitiness of the wine.

In the year 2006, until middle of July the weather conditions were excellent for the cultivation of wine. The vineyards stood in full splendour. Then August was not only cold below average but also wet. September however brought comparatively high temperatures. In the beginning of October the weather completely changed and it came to mostly violent rain. According to that the condition of the grapes required a differentiated grape harvest to ensure that only healthy grapes arrive at the subsequent treatment.

The Johannisberger Klaus Riesling Auslese appears with a honey yellow color. The bouquet displays apricot and peach aroma as well as floral notes. At the palate the taste shows caramel and honey notes. The finish lingers with an intense sweetness.
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