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Stephanie Hahn
Marketing Manager

As a California native and from a family with European background, I grew up in a household where food and wine were an integral part of life.  My mother was an excellent cook, making dishes from around the world and along with that came the exploration of pairing wines with these unique dishes she crafted.  My parents even purchased wine for my sister and me the year we were born to be drunk on our 21st birthdays.  So, while in grad school studying International Business, and probably enjoying a glass of wine at the time, I decided to do a research paper on trade and tariff/non-tariff barriers in the wine industry.  Through my research I was lucky enough to meet a number of industry leaders and to spend time both in the US and Chile working on projects.  It was a fascinating industry and everyone I came across had the same excitement and enthusiasm for what they were doing whether it was producing or selling the wine.  After that, there was no doubt in my mind what industry I wanted to work in when I graduated – what could be better then working with a product that I loved and with people so enthusiastic about what they were doing?  When I finished my degree, I was fortunate, and able combine both my degree and my love of wine in a position at Robert Mondavi Winery in their International Marketing department.  I have never looked back and today, am thrilled to be working for the Mondavi family again and with the amazing team at Folio Fine Wine Partners.
In my free time, I enjoy trying new wines (of course), traveling, cycling, hiking, skiing/snowboarding (being outside doing almost anything really), traveling to strange and off the beaten track places, cooking, good books and spending time with family and friends.
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