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Kendall Ritchie
Sales & Hospitality Associate

Growing up in the Napa Valley is a unique experience that I have been lucky enough to have had and enjoy.  After high school, I decided to travel north to Washington where I received my degree in Mathematics and Economics.  After completing my degree, I moved back to the valley in 2010, and began teaching part time.  I never really envisioned myself working in the wine industry as I was growing up, but with my previous experience in hospitality and food and beverage service I also began working part time in the Michael Mondavi Family Estate Tasting Room in 2011.  Each day I go to work for the Mondavi family, I manage to learn something new to broaden my knowledge and experience in all that this industry has to offer.

During the week, I teach Algebra to 8th grade students and Physical Education to grades Kindergarten through 8 at St. Helena Catholic School, where I have honed my shoe-tying and orange-peeling skills.  I love the balance between teaching an academic subject and teaching physical fitness and ability, and I feel that working with the students teaches me just as much as I teach them!
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