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Matt Shuplock
Matt Shuplock
Production Manager, Michael Mondavi Family Estate and Partner

My arrival at Michael Mondavi Family Estate comes after four years of service at Robert Mondavi Winery, where I worked as a quality control technician and wine information specialist. Growing up in Orange County, I never expected to find myself in "wine country."

After receiving a B.S. in Biotechnology and Management from the University of California at Davis, it was time for me to enter into the working world. After a series of interviews with certain "unnamed" biotech companies, I thought that my career path was destined for scientific boredom. But at an agricultural and science career fair, I decided to test different vocational waters, and to use my scientific background for "good."

I applied to work for Robert Mondavi Winery as a harvest laboratory intern. Being unfamiliar with the wine industry, it seemed logical to choose a winery based on one simple fact: the recent addition of the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts to the UCD campus. It is a masterpiece of architecture and sound. My boss back then was our own Jeanette Schandelmier, who forced me to embrace "quality control." I feel so lucky to have learned from such a wonderful mentor. Best part of all, she is now my boss again!

In short, I enjoy the wine industry because it balances the art of winemaking with the exactness of science. It is so fascinating to see the grapes enter the winery, and how with many hands, we can produce an elegant wine. At Folio, I plan to assist our production crew in the making of exceptional wines that measure up to the best Napa has to offer.
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