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The grapes of this vivid juicy wine originate from the vineyards surrounding the Johannisberg. The Riesling grapes grow as well on loessic soil with gritty structure as on sandy loam soil. Warm summer months with low temperatures at night provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of fresh Riesling.

The wine harvest took place from October till November. In order to receive a fresh fruit of the wine an intensive negatively selection was needed. The grapes were then carefully pressed in the grape reception station of the estate. The fermentation in cooled high-grade steel tanks underlines again the freshness and the fruitiness of the wine. Clearly recognizable is that the wines mature on the lees. Thereby they intensify their aroma and create a well-balanced and very tender gustatory effect.

The relatively strong and long winters have passed the vineyards of the estate PRINZ VON HESSEN without major damages due to frost. The mid-shoot of the Riesling began in April 2009. The months of April and May brought plenty of heat, so that the Riesling bloomed as early as 1. June - two weeks before the usual date. Correct defoliation and the removal of double shoots have greatly contributed to the fact that the grapes remained healthy. In most brilliant sunshine helpers harvested Riesling grapes with must weights of 85 degrees to 200 degrees Oe. The harvest is about 20% below the long-term average. Results of healthy grapes are high quality wines, juicy, tangy fruit with fresh acidity and fine varietals fruit flavors.

A Riesling with a pale-yellow colour and light green highlights, which displays an aroma from fresh and juicy fruits. The flavours remind of orange blossom and grapefruit. This Riesling convinces with its well balanced acidity and its finelinked mineral character.
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