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Forbidden Grüner Veltliner
The grapes for this Veltliner are grown mainly in loess and gravel soils of the Kremstal region. Their distinctive fruitiness is owed to marked alternating temperatures of the north-south positioned Kremstal: warm air rising from the Danube valley is met by cool air flowing down from the nearby Waldviertel region and along the Krems river. While this warmth influences ripeness and concentrated aromas, the coolness lends strongly to the fresh fruitiness. Thanks to the adding of some Veltliner grapes from the Weinviertel, the wine takes on a light fizzy character.

The 2015 vintage has given us great wines with both an outstanding quality and satisfactory volumes. A beautiful spring led to perfect flowering and growth during the early summer months. July brought extremely warm days and nights, with little rainfall, and we had to wait until mid-August before the much-needed rain came to nourish the vines. A final heat wave came towards the end of August, coupled with cool nights to draw out the aromatic character in the grapes, guaranteed perfect physiological ripeness for the harvest. This enabled us to produce full-bodied wines with complexity, that display refreshing acidity and vibrant fruit characters. The 2015 vintage offers wines that possess a high quality with richness, elegance and fruit-characters, over balanced crispness and a lingering aftertaste.

The Name
LAURENZ V. stands for five generations of the Laurenz Moser wine family. Laurenz Maria V loves Grüner because it is such a versatile grape variety, produces so many different styles of white, is chameleonic with food, and closely related to his “Grandpa Grüner“, Lenz Moser III who was the first to promote Grüner in Austria.

Tasting Notes

“Fruchtig“ as we say in Austria: fruit complexity to the max with a touch of residual sugar to give Forbidden Grüner its beautiful balance with fresh, juicy grape characters and subtle tropical notes. Forbidden (is) good!


Alcohol: 11.0 % vol
Acidity: 6.0 g/l
Residual Sugar: 17.6 g/l – off-dry
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