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Chris Millich
Chris Millich
Chief Financial Officer and Partner

Growing up with a chef father I had always been around good food. As I got older my tastes expanded, my interest in wine grew, but I didn't follow in my dad's footsteps. Having a more analytical and numbers oriented mind I ended up on a finance oriented career path, though one that allowed me to travel the world and still eat and drink in interesting places. Fast forward several years and I'm making wine at home, decide to move back to my home state of California and try to apply my financial skills to the wine industry (from airlines). I hit the street, hit the books, learn a lot about the wine industry and voila, a few years later I'm working with an iconic wine family's wine business.

It's a fascinating industry...on the one hand farming, originally very basic but getting more technical every day, and on the other hand marketing brands of wonderful wines, lifestyles and competing with thousands of other wineries every day. So much to do, especially in this small but fast growing company. Three notable things that excite me about being a part of Folio are that the people are very passionate, experienced and willing to share, there is a ton of opportunity to move the business forward, and the wine, of course. Just livin' the dream...
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