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David Durden
Vice President of Sales and Partner

Upon graduating from college, never in my wildest dreams did I envision a career in the wine industry, never that is, until I was exposed to the families, places and stories that define this beautiful liquid in my glass.

That was more years ago than I care to admit, and I still get up each day curious as to what challenges the day will bring, passionate about my responsibility to the families we represent in the U.S.

I was attracted to Folio Fine Wine Partners for several reasons. First and foremost it’s about the wines, the true stars of the show; amazing, and yes, delicious wines of provenance and quality.

And of course the families we represent, the families behind our wines, their dedication and passion, decades, even centuries in the making.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait decades, or even a century, to experience their wines as you can find them in our portfolio.  

Few times in one’s career do you have real influence to shape a company and its culture.

As the Director of Sales, I have that influence, with generous support from my team and constituents to challenge conventional thinking, as collectively we work to fulfill our mission of bringing world-class wines to consumers who are adventurous, consumers with a thirst for something different. 

Wine is art. Wine is passion.

For me it’s been an amazing journey. Oh and by the way, decades in the making!
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