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Our 2012 SPELLBOUND MERLOT is approachable, yet deeply rich with berry and oak flavor, providing satisfaction with every glass. This Merlot was created to demonstrate the dark yet playful fruit profile of Merlot with its soft fruits and aromatics of mulling spice, fresh cedar cigar box and decadent leather. You will find bright fruit mingling with a classic signature of toasted Madagascar vanilla bean and French oak. Our dark, juicy, plush wine style continues here with soft tannins that gently caress while the brambly fruit and oak character manifest in every glass.

At harvest we look for lush, plump berries as they lend themselves to creating soft, friendly tannins and opulent, balanced berry flavors in our Merlot. The larger berries tend to have more approachable rounded flavors which are a key stylistic signature of Spellbound. We look for the grape’s maximum maturity by sampling and tasting grapes in the field. Technical information is not enough; we must taste to determine the magic moment of harvest.

“The balance of fruit and oak in wine is essential. Oak lends lovely components similar to the caramelized sugar atop a crème brûlée or the nuances of decadent flan. It is our desire to find a balance between the oak and brambly fruits of the Spellbound Merlot. Our goal, by starting with perfectly ripe fruit is to create a wine that provides harmony between the oak and fruit flavors. Short fermentation times allow for maximum color and extraction while softening the influence and creating mouth-watering tannins. These winemaking techniques guarantee that Spellbound Merlot will be juicy, ripe, and not too overpowering – so you can enjoy a glass every day!”                                   ~ Rob Mondavi Jr., Winemaker with Lydia Mondavi & Geoff Whitman, Associate Winemakers
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