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Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley native and winemaker, Tony Coltrin, brings more than 40 years of winemaking experience to Oberon, with expertise in sourcing quality fruit from the best vineyards in the valley and understanding the region's uniqueness for growing classic Bordeaux varieties. His long-standing relationships with local growers ensure a consistency in the quality of the grapes grown in premier Napa Valley sub-appellations for Oberon.

Winemaker Tony Coltrin has identified three exceptional hillside vineyards whose well-drained soils and optimum sun exposures result in small crops of intensely flavored grapes. Varied elevations provide three distinct sets of geographical characteristics - for three unique sets of soils and microclimates. Fruit from each vineyard reveals its own flavors and textures, giving the wine a layered expression of extraordinary Napa Valley terroir. Our vineyard in Atlas Peak (1,320 feet) adds nuances of blackberry and dark cherry; the Michael Mondavi Family's Oso Vineyard (1,220 feet), at the base of Howell Mountain, contributes elegance and structure; and Suscol Vineyard (250 feet), in the southern foothills of the Vaca Mountains, imparts density, richness and depth.

After gently de-stemming and crushing the fruit, winemaker Tony Coltrin fermented the free-run juice in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, stretching the post-fermentation maceration period to 28 days. This extended juice-skin contact time beautifully married the intense, dark fruit flavors and mature, supple tannins of our Hillside Reserve, giving the wine an opulent mouthfeel. Malolactic fermentation in barrel, combined with 18 months aging in French oak barrels, 87% new, further concentrated the wine's big, ripe fruit, adding nuances of coffee and toasted vanilla to its lush, lingering finish. Enjoy this luxurious Cabernet Sauvignon with grilled steak, rib roasts, lamb shanks, and venison.
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