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Kabinett Royal
GRAPE PRODUCTION:  The grapes of this vivid juicy wine originate from the vineyards surrounding the Johannisberg. The Riesling grapes grow as well on loessic soil with gritty structure as on sandy loam soil. Warm summer months with low temperatures at night provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of fresh Riesling.

WINE PRODUCTION:  The wine harvest took place from October till November. In order to receive a fresh fruit of the wine an intensive negatively selection was needed. The grapes were then carefully pressed in the grape reception station of the estate. The fermentation in cooled high-grade steel tanks underlines again the freshness and the fruitiness of the wine. Clearly recognizable is that the wines mature on the lees. Thereby they intensify their aroma and create a well-balanced and very tender gustatory effect.

VINTAGE:  Like the winter months before, springtime of the wine year 2012 was extremely diversified. That led to a relative early budding by the end of April and a rapid growth over the next couple of weeks. A rather cold and wet June was followed by a pretty hot July and a sunny August. Even during the first autumn weeks the weather remained consistent, and when the harvest started in October, the grapes showed a very high quality.

All in all the vintage 2012 can be characterized by wonderfully mellow grapes with a subtle acidity. Rigorously selected picking and a gentle maturation led to wines of extraordinary quality. They are juicy, tangy with a fresh fruit acid and feature the variety-specific fruit flavors.

TASTING NOTES:  A worthy interpretation of the Rheingau Riesling and the classification Kabinett, as we define it. Our Kabinett ROYAL combines all the lovely Riesling characteristics from a wonderful fragrance of peach and apricot with an exotic touch, through a subtly structured acidity and a high level of minerality on the palate to an inspiring finish.

Alcohol: 12.0 %
Acidity: 7.7 g/l
Residual Sugar: 10.7 g/l
Serving temperature 10°C up to 12°C
Art. No. 1226
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