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The wines of Romano Dal Forno need little introduction among wine professionals and connoisseurs the world over since the reputation of the man and the winery is one of total dedication to excellence and passion for winemaking. Founded in 1983, Dal Forno is located in the Valley of Illasi, east of Verona, in the region of Valpolicella. Born next to his family’s vineyards, Romano Dal Forno grew up with a love for the countryside and an undying passion for his work, dedicating his life to continual improvement of his family’s vineyards and his own winemaking techniques.

The winery produces three wines from its estate vineyards, including Valpolicella Superiore, Amarone della Valpolicella and Vigna Seré, a recioto wine produced only in exceptional years. Evident in all viticultural and winemaking processes is a deep respect for traditional techniques, coupled with the most precise and technologically advanced practices. This balance between tradition and technology in the winery results in wines that are extremely concentrated and bursting with aromas and flavors, while still maintaining an exceptionally precise and flawless profile. It is these exacting standards that have elevated Dal Forno as one of the most prestigious and esteemed Valpolicella wine producers.
Inside Dal Forno Romano
Valpolicella offers hints of blueberry, blackberry, cherry and chocolate which emerge gradually as the wine breathes. The potent tannins, which ...
Subtle aromatic hints, that range from black cherry, blueberry to chocolate, anticipate the opulent expression of mature fruit that flows ...
Vigna Seré possesses immense opulence and density, with preeminent hints of plum, black cherry, raspberry, chocolate and coffee.
Dal Forno Romano
92 Points from Wine Spectator December 2014
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