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Pomino Chardonnay
Pomino Chardonnay comes from one of Tuscany's most renowned areas for the production of high-quality wine; it is made from chardonnay grapes that have been at home in Pomino for many years.

VARIETY    Mainly Chardonnay

TASTING NOTES    Pomino Chardonnay is a lovely intense yellow color with delicate greenish highlights.  Surprising fragrances of white flowers on the nose such as lily of the valley and jasmine, followed by scents of white-flesh fruit like apple and passion fruit.  The bouquet is completed by delicate mineral notes.  Pomino reaffirms itself as an elegant wine, balanced and fresh, with a finish that is long and enchanting.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS    As an aperitif, or with vegetarian antipasti, fish steaks or fillets, such as salmon.
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