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Host A Wine Tasting
Wine is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, and hosting a wine tasting party can make the educational process a fun event. A group atmosphere works well for wine tastings, as comparing opinions and discussing tastes with several others can greatly increase a person's perspective on a specific wine. It's best to keep the size of the group to 10-12 people, as the focus on wine will be clearer in a smaller gathering.

Purchase 6-8 wines, depending on the group size, and bear in mind the level of wine familiarity of your guests. Those who have little experience with wine will do best with general tastings that compare varietals and well-known brands. For more experienced wine drinkers, more challenging tastings could include focusing on one varietal from several wineries to compare flavors, or blind tasting competitions to reveal whose palette is most refined. Be sure to print out our tasting worksheet for notes while tasting, as it helps the taster understand exactly what to look for in each wine.
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