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WINEMAKERS NOTES    The Palacios Remondo winery is located in the eastern portion of Spain's oldest and best known winemaking region, the D.O.C. Rioja. The estate's flagship wine is made from a blend of the indigenous grape varietals Garnacha and Tempranillo, and true to its name, it is the finest expression of the high-elevation vineyards located on the Palacios Remondo property, or "Propiedad." With sensuous notes of orange peel, toffee, nutmeg and charcoal in the nose, this wine is incredibly soft and sultry on the palate and has exceptional structure. Containing well-integrated tannins and a long finish, this wine is meant todrink now or age up to ten years. Only 4,250 9-liter cases of this wine were produced.

VINTAGE   2010 has been characterized by winemaker Alvaro Palacios as being a year of incredible grace and charm. Overall an extremely dry vintage, only 216 liters of water fell during the entire year. While the vintage was full of natural sunlight, temperatures were actually cooler than in previous years and the majority of the clusters only began to ripen when a few hot days broke out among the greater number of mild days and cool nights. Alvaro says that this extended maturation led to wines that have “great structural support, are fresh and aromatic, with lively acidity and a long finish.” Vibrant and versatile are words that he uses to describe the 2010 Propiedad.

VARIETY BLEND  100% Garnacha

TRADITIONAL VINEYARDS   Located on the slope of the Yerga mountain, at an altitude of 2,100 feet, the Palacios Remondo vineyards are grown at some of the highest points of Eastern Rioja. The old Garnacha vines that are used for making this wine are 25- to 90-years-old and are located across five unique vineyards that are represented by five gold stars on the wine’s new label. The unique soil is comprised of sediments that stem from the Quaternary Era, consisting of volcanic ophite and sandstone pebbles, quartz and white carbonates. Very low in organic material, with excellent drainage and a moderated basic pH, the soil type has been known for producing high quality wines for hundreds of years. The vines are narrowly spaced, head pruned, never irrigated and only produce around 1 Kg of fruit per vine each year. Alvaro Palacios ensured that only the highest quality fruit was picked during harvest, which took place between September 20th and October 20th.
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