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La Montesa
WINEMAKER'S NOTES      Named after the hillside vineyard located on the northeastern slope of the Yerga mountains in eastern Rioja, La Montesa is a blend of the red grape varieties that grow organically on the Palacios Remondo estate. Ruby red in color with penetrating aromas of Mediterranean fruit, such as pomegranate and quince, that are mixed with carnations, rose water and flower nectar in the nose. On the palate, winemaker Alvaro Palacios describes the 2011 La Montesa as ‘a wine that flows velvety smooth,’ with ‘harmonious notes of orange rind, fresh cherries and rosemary petals that culminate in a long and evocative finish.’ Meant to enjoy now or age up to 10 years, Alvaro feels this is “a wine that invites you to enjoy life!” Perfect by-the-glass on its own or when paired with flavourful cuisine, La Montesa is a welcoming wine from Rioja that is sure to please both the novice and the true wine connoisseur alike.

VINTAGE      2011 was the third consecutive year of drought in Rioja, characterized by extreme winter and summer temperatures and below-average rainfall . The coolest July on record in over a decade, though, prevented serious evapo-transpiration of the small amount of water left in the soil and vines. A warm and sunny August and September allowed the Palacios Remondo team to harvest each variety at its optimal ripeness. Upon completion of fermentation, Alvaro described his wines as showing signs of “wildness and timidity,” properties of the austere weather conditions of 2011. Once in barrel, these traits were melded into a stunning finished wine that shows “great finesse, elegance and aromatic complexity” - hallmark traits of a great vintage. In a year the D.O.C. Rioja deemed “excellent,” winemaker Alvaro Palacios feels his wines from the 2011 vintage possess a great Mediterranean character attributed to the land, sun exposure and high temperatures where his grapes are grown.

VINEYARDS      At an altitude of 1,800 feet, the Palacios Remondo vineyards are grown at some of the highest points within all of Rioja. The vines were planted twenty-six years ago and the soil is comprised of sediments that stem from the quaternary era, consisting of clay and a stony-calcareous subsoil covered in gravel, similar to that of Chateauneuf du Pape. Very low in organic material and with a moderated basic pH, the soil type is perfect for growing high quality fruit. The vines are narrowly spaced, pruned under a double cordon de royat style, farmed organically and never irrigated. By green harvesting and dropping almost 50% of their fruit, Palacios Remondo ensured only the highest quality fruit was picked during harvest, which took place between the 20th of September and 25th of October.

La Montesa, Rioja, Spain

VARIETY 70% Garnacha, 25% Tempranillo, 5% Mazuelo
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