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Selección 'Finca Monte Alto'
VINTAGE   Winemaker, Isabel Salgado, has characterized the 2010 vintage at Bodegas Fillaboa as one that produced wines of exceptional quality and complexity. During the beginning of harvest the grapes were measured with an impressive 13° of probable alcohol and contained a marked acidity that caused Isabel to predict Fillaboa’s 2010 Albariños would be something extraordinary. A lack of rain during the months of August and September led to an unsurpassed natural concentration in Fillaboa’s high-trellised vines and after a disease-free harvest, the 2010 Fillaboa Finca Monte Alto is said to be “both fruit-forward and aromatic with a great equilibrium of flavors and perfectly integrated acidity.”

VINEYARDS    The unique ‘Finca Monte Alto’ is a single vineyard block containing 5.72 hectares of trellised vines that are located at a rather high elevation of 600 feet above sea level in the low-lying region of Rías Baixas. For one of the only single-vineyard Albariños produced in Spain, a selection of the finest fruit from this unique site (around 1.5 hectares) is used for making the Finca Monte Alto wine. Planted in 1989 and containing much rockier soil than other parts of the estate, the Finca Monte Alto vineyard has excellent drainage as it is comprised of unique ancient river coddles, or round shiny stones, that actually reflect light and aid with superb grape maturation. By dropping fruit and dry farming this inimitable hillside vineyard, the Fillaboa vineyard management team ensures that only wine of the finest quality will be made from this site each and every year.
Finca Monte Alto, Salvaterra de Miño, Spain

WINEMAKERS NOTES    Since its inception in 1988, Bodegas Fillaboa has strived to make wines of great quality and personality. One of the only wineries in the D.O. Rías Baixas that produces wines solely from estate-owned fruit, Bodegas Fillaboa also crafts one of the very few single-vineyard Albariños that hails from their high-elevation vineyard, or ‘Finca Monte Alto.’ The Albariño grape variety is thick-skinned and known for its rich variety of aromas (16 different aromas have been scientifically recognized). Many consider it to be most closely related to Riesling and believe the name “Albariño,” stems from the phrase “white Rhine” in the local dialect of Gallego. Made in very small quantities, the 2010 Finca Monte Alto has rich aromas of sliced green apples, freshly baked pastries and citrus fruit. Crisp on entry with a structured mid-palate, well-balanced acidity and long finish, this wine is the perfect accompaniment to any seafood, creamy or spicy dish.

VARIETAL    100% Albariño
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